Quotes and Testimonials


"Sarah's mentoring and support throughout my recent career has been creative and invaluable. She brings her wealth of experience and knowledge of the industry to bear with amazing suggestions and concrete advice. As a writer, Sarah’s ideas are always fresh and original; she comes prepared with lyrics, melodies and musical ideas that make the process of writing seamless. What makes her writing even more unique is the depth in her knowledge of the source (having lived through the 80's and 90's era), that a lot of artists draw from nowadays, which she sprinkles with a modern touch."

Polina Goudieva, Grammy Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter, Recording Artist (Eminem)

"Sarah as a songwriter brings so much to not only her own music, but in collaboration with others. She motivates everyone she writes with to go to where the deepest emotion and intention of the song can be fully realized together as a team. I always look forward to opportunities to write with Sarah. She creatively comes from such an inspired place, whether it be comes from personal experience or mirroring back life through her lyric. If you are a veteran songwriter, or just developing your craft, she makes a wonderful collaborator. I especially suggest new developing writers work with Sarah. You will learn so much and she will help you discover and further expand your voice as a writer."

Jeff Bova, Grammy Award-Winning Producer, Musician, Composer, Arranger

"Sarah Nagourney is amazing. As a songwriter she is caring and sharing in all aspects of her craft. I have worked w/ her for 7 years now and to this day she still has the same fire inside of her! Lyrics, watch out because she will come at you in more ways than you could imagine:-) Simply said a true gem!!"

Marc Swersky, Partner, CCO, Monocentric Music

"Sarah's ability to repeatedly create compelling, memorable, hit songs in various genres is a refreshing and rare quality. Her songs never disappoint, usually inspire, and feel familiar from the first listen."

Laura Becker, 2K Sounds/EMI Music

"Sarah is one of the hardest working songwriters I know. Her songs are commercial and competitive."

Monti Olson, Executive Vice President, Universal Music Publishing

Sarah is fast becoming my first call when I need a song for a movie. Her inherent ability to provide exactly the right 'flavor' knocks me out each and every time. She is a fantastic songwriter and it is a pleasure promoting her work in the film industry."

Nicola Fletcher, Music Supervisor - Best Laid Plans, Bridget Jones's Diary

"Eloquent Beautiful and dangerous- the songs of an angel with a dirty mind."

Robin Batteau, Singer-Songwriter, Producer

"Intelligent, sensitive lyrics, catchy melodies, universal appeal; are just some of the things that come to mind when describing Sarah's music."

Ron Solleveld, Director International, BMI

"In A&R I screened songs for most of MCA's major projects and Sarah's music was always fresh, never predictable or formulaic. Her CD was always at the top of my pile."

Renee White, A&R, Vanguard/Sugar Hill Records

"I've spent my entire career working with songwriters and it's rare to come across a true pro like Sarah. When we played her song 'Permanent' in front of a room full of 1,000 people at TAXI's annual convention, the place exploded into wild applause at the end. The last song that happened to went to number 1."

Doug Minnick, TAXI

"Sarah's mellifluent vocals, coupled with her songwriting brilliance, make for a very potent mix."

Martin Ditcham, Writer, Drummer, Percussionist (Sade, Everything But the Girl, Rolling Stones)

"Sarah's mentoring, song coaching and collaboration, as well as her career advice and direction has proved invaluable. She has helped our son Alec find and develop his unique voice and songwriting skills. Sarah met Alec as a very young hopeful and his been instrumental in developing him into a viable artist and creative contender in this very competitive field of music. She has introduced him to numerous industry leaders on both a creative and a business level. We have high hopes for Alec's future and look forward to continuing our relationship with Sarah on this exciting journey for our son."

Dawn & Chuck Ciambriello, Parents of Alec Chambers


"The arrival of a vocalist, so sensitive and intelligent a performer is an event well worth signaling."

Melody Maker

"She sings with the kind of passion that says she knows what she is talking about."

Dan Aquilante, NY Post

"Up to now, she has enjoyed a strong local following and a positive critical support in the Big Apple. Now we get a chance to hear her lyrically poignant and musically refined songs... I especially like 'The Space Between Us Melts,' 'Let Myself Go' and the title track."

John Schoenberger, The Album Network

"Sarah Nagourney posses the lyrical depth of Joni Mitchell."

Ad lib Magazine

"Sarah's vocal sidles and writhes around her melodies, at times scarcely above a whisper, so that the music's power is felt like a warm breath against the face."

Mark Keating, Sound Views Magazine

"This could be her time."

Cashbox Magazine

"She sings from the heart with highly personal emotions and lyrics."

Entertainment Today

"Nagourney has a charming voice... and I detect a lot if interesting vocal and musical ifluences."

INK New Music Magazine

"Nagourney entices the listener with a certain sophisticated, aching steaminess throughout the CD."

Jackie Enfield, The Aquarian Weekly

"With a refined, well crafted sound, songs like 'The Space Between Us Melts' and 'Get Back To That Emotion' are worthy of your ear."

Constantine Notes