"Listen – she deserves it". — Anthony Haden Guest

Sarah Nagourney

Whoever closed the Brill Building song-writing factory did it too soon. They missed the chance to add the brilliance of Sarah Nagourney to their role of honour. But that's their loss, not ours because not far away in Union Square, New York, Sarah has turned her apartment in Andy Warhol's old factory into a one-woman Brill Building.

Chris Difford, Billy Burnette (writer for Faith Hill), Steve Booker (Natalie Imbruglia), Steve Dorff (Whitney Houston), Boo Hewardine (Corrs), Michael Garvin (JLO), Melissa Manchester and Phil Thornally have written with her. Wynonna Judd (Universal), Southside Johnny (Cypress), Randy Crawford (WEA) have recorded her songs. Dutch pop sensation Sita (Jive) and Australian POPstars, Scandal'us (Mushroom) have both scored platinum with Nagourney compositions and Sarah has given her own expression to the songs through her albums, notably the critically acclaimed "Realm Of My Senses"(Polystar).

Oxford-educated, Nagourney demonstrates an authenticity in her work that is rare in the recording industry. From singing with Chet Baker, appearing in Woody Allen films to performing a one-woman show of Brecht at Britain's National Theatre (when just out of college), Nagourney manages to weave her extraordinary life experiences into an eclectic lyrical collage. This breadth of experience, allied to a gift for a great melody, a classic hookline and a sense of the moment, raises Nagourney's songs above the mire of the shrink-wrapped and formulaic and returns credibility to the world of pop. In an era of factory-fresh music designed for background listening, Sarah is defiantly up-front and personal.

In addition: Sarah is a writer publisher member of ASCAP and a regular recipient of their popular music awards. While an artist she was signed to BMG International Music Publishing, Polystar Records and Britain's Influx Records. Sarah toured extensively throughout the US and UK in support of her records. She has performed on numerous CD's and commercials as a vocalist and background singer. Sarah now travels frequently throughout the US and Europe, writing and producing for artists and projects. Her own publishing company, Glass Beat Music is based in New York.